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Smock Me© represents individuals that are dreamers who don’t want to confirm to the norm.


Smock Me© is a mix of urban, punk, Hip-Hop, and 90's style. The clothes consist of loud colors, premium & vintage fabrics, vintage patches & pins as well as exotic reptile skins. We’re building bridges to connect and collaborate with fellow artists. Our goal is to expand the perception of art and positivity.


Smock Me© is not normal. But what is normal? It is about being the person you want to be. It is about going against the grain and giving your all.

We believe we are not bred to be a number, but born to be a person.

Smock Me© aims to reach the uncommon man; a person with their own style, own way of thinking.


Smock Me © is someone that is not afraid to conquer their goals and spread the love to people that want to conquer their dreams. 

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